Matt here.

I'm an embedded hardware engineer. You can find my handiwork inside cool stuff like Google's first pair of noise-canceling earbuds and Humane's Laser Ink Display.

In my free time, when I'm not practicing drums or riding my bike, you can find me working on anything from vintage Volkswagen engines to functional stage props.

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Architecture Design

Whether you’re kicking off the second generation of your product or you’re building something completely new, my experience tackling these big picture questions can offer insight and clarity.

  • Part selection
  • Power optimization
  • Battery life estimation
  • BOM costing studies
  • Board area analysis

Hardware Design
and Prototyping

My expertise ranges from one-off garage prototypes to mass-produced consumer devices. I can help get pencil to paper to turn your concepts into functional hardware.

  • Schematic capture
  • PCB design and vendor DFM
  • PD engineering collaboration
  • Board bring-up and validation
  • Prototype enclosure design

and Test

Maybe you’re trying to build 100 of something, or maybe 100,000. Either way, my background working in both large and small scale assembly can help ensure thoughtful manufacturing processes and thorough automated testing.

  • Small-scale final assembly
  • Factory and vendor management
  • Test specification development
  • Automated tester design

Software Development

Well before I began my career in consumer hardware, you could find me lugging programming books into 7th grade homeroom. My passion for making things happen with code can help bring your ideas to life.

  • Embedded firmware
  • Factory test software
  • Hardware validation automation
  • Web/GUI application PoCs

About Me >>>

Hey there, I'm Matt Egan! Somewhere amidst soldering for the first time in elementary school and flying model airplanes in middle school, I acquired an unrelenting interest in what makes things tick. This passion led me to Georgia Tech, where I received my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. I moved to San Francisco in early 2018 to join the Google Wearables team, where I worked on Pixel Buds and Pixel Buds Pro.

While at Google, I had the opportunity to cover a lot of ground in addition to my everyday responsibilities. I built a thermal model and charging simulation for our charging case, enabled automation of an “unautomatable” wireless charging tester, traveled to Hong Kong to oversee Qi certification testing and (ab)used MCAD tools to squeeze every last square millimeter out of our tiny PCB area.

Having taken the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds from concept to successful first prototype, and being excited about a phone-less future, I left Google to join Humane in mid 2021. Sadly, I can’t talk about most of the work I did there, but I got to tackle some incredibly tricky problems with some incredibly talented people.

I left Humane in late 2023 to take time to focus on some of my own projects, and am now excited to take on independent work!

My Work >>>

Sadly, I can't share the juicy details of my work at Google or Humane. Lucky for you, you can find some of the things I’ve been up to in the last few years here! Amongst other things, I’ve:

My old website has information about personal projects I worked on throughout college. There, you can find my adventures in things like:

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Are you interested in how I can assist you or your team? Leave me a message below, reach out to me on LinkedIn, or call/text me at 678-997-5091.

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